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About the Facility
wtorek, 16 października 2012 13:04

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About the Facility

In 2007, the municipal mayor and councilors recognized the need to create an institution, which would cover the development of documentation and history of our city - both past history as well as current events. There were no known facilities established in our town, therefore, on April 4, 2007 the city council established the Sierpc Documentation Center of the city and it's history.

It began functioning on August 13, 2007. Upon appointment of the director, and selected by competition, Tomasz Krukowski took the position, who virtually from scratch organized the unit and began the process of acquiring materials. For almost two years he functioned alone, even though he acquired several thousand photos, documents, interviews with selected individuals, and had organized meetings with groups of pupils, those visiting Sierpc.

The head facility is located on 30 Płocka street, and in the same building as the Public Library on the second floor.

It should be emphasized that the Department and the Library are two autonomous institutions - contact with the Department, and the transfer of materials to the resource base is only at the premises of the Department, on the top floor of Library.

The municipal institution which was established to deal with the history of the region is the Sieprc Department of Documentation.

The center is open Monday to Friday 8.00-16.00, but Monday is the internal work day and visitors are generally not welcome. Although this is not a rigid rule.

Michał Piotr Weber, a historian, journalist, graduated from the Faculty of Humanities, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.
In the Department since July 2011. This is his first permanent job. While studying he was in practice and collaboration with UWM FM radio.

Employee Resource and Activity

The Sierpc Department of Documentation is the only institution whose primary statutory objective is to collect and develop broader knowledge of the history of the land, based off the needs of the city. Materials are collected both by the query library and archives, as well as institutions and individuals.

It should be emphasized that most of the large number of institutions and individuals make many materials easily available, appreciating the importance and uniqueness of our business.

Photographs, official documents, school reports and similar material remains of historical archives stored at home, are an invaluable source of information. They are often the only tangible trace of an event or part of building the city.

Therefore, we encourage you to share any documents relating to Sierpc with our facility. After a copy is made, it is returned to the owner.

By design the Department in a few years time will become a local museum or historical Archive, which is why we collect objects related to Sierpc and it's land - although due to limitations on the premises the action is limited.

Of course, in order to use the materials available there will be an agreement prepared.

The institution may carry out exploration or the findings for those interested, but this is not the main task of the facility.

Through its activities it creates a database with information about past and present Sierpc: people, events, places, buildings, projects and initiatives, and all forms of social life and institutions.

The collected materials such as newspaper clippings, specialized materials and copies of documents together with the iconographic documents, stationery, memories and oral accounts and photographs, the professional, historical development, form the basis of information about the history of our city.

All historical documents - and so is any document relating to Sierpc - are cataloged and processed.

Using the Resources

The resource base can be used both by the Collections Online Registration System (in Polish),  as well as directly at the Department. Unfortunately, most often in the second case there is no possibility of immediate use of resources - however, just contact us, and you will immediately be fixed with an appointment.

In addition to this website there will be articles, describing Sierpc's monuments, interesting places, we also select, in our opinion the most interesting materials from the resource to present.

Where possible, we will answer questions, consult, etc.



The Department of Documentation of the history of Sierpc,

although it is housed in the Public Library,

is a separate organizational unit.

Therefore, every person who wants to share / give us any information or documents, or share your memories, let them be guided to the top floor of the building Public Library.

We also want to emphasize that the history of the Sierpc Department of Documentation from the beginning was supported by the oldest of its kind in Poland - Documentation Center of Płońsk , which is treated simply as a reference unit.

The Płońsk facility manager, Miroslawa Krysiak served both with help and advice. Also agreed to base our system on an existing collection records and which is recommended in the Płońsk system.

In addition, we believe that perhaps if the Laboratory Network Documentation was created in other cities - it would be ideal if all relied on as a single accounting system resources.

Translation: Nel Natkański