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What the Department Offers
wtorek, 16 października 2012 13:06

[polski] [на русском языке]

What the Department Offers

Our offer includes a number of proposals, depending on the nature of a service or specific characteristics of the recipient.

1. The Department organizes and prepares historical meetings concerning the history and land of Sierpc, combined with a multimedia presentation.

Such meetings may take place in premises of our facility - unfortunately, due to housing restrictions, they can participate in small groups, numbering around 10 people.
We can easily hold a meeting at the school or other institution.

Under are the proposed subjects that can take place at such meetings

  1. Sierpc. From town to a modern city.

  2. Interesting/ Secret Places. Local Legends.

  3. Sierpc's Memorials. Sierpc's Cemeteries

  4. Sierpc's Monuments

  5. The Department of Documentation of Sierpc's History. Tasks, resources, and activities of the facility.

  6. Sierpc's history in the acts of the resources of The Sierpc Department of Documentation.

  7. Sierpc the City of Four Cultures

  8. Sierpc and the Jewish History.

  9. Independence Uprising in Sierpc and on its land.

  10. Material evidence of the history and land of Sierpc .
    The real and alleged buried treasure, sunken tanks and other local "legends" in reality ...

  11. Sierpc's “Golden Age”- the city flourished in the sixteenth century through the early seventeenth century.

  12. Sierpc one of the oldest cities in Mazovia. Location, coat of arms, the importance of an urban center.
    Rise and fall over the centuries.

  13. Anti-communist conspiracy in Sierpc and it's land.

  14. Historical stories. Interesting facts and stories on any subject covered in the established history of Sierpc.

2. Tours and meetings "in the field." This in turn will offer tours that the group is interested in, in the city, the presentation of interesting, historical or mysterious, monuments and memorials.

3. As our ability to pass on information about the history of the city, the history of particular families or particular buildings. If we can - we search for a topic.
The information is transmitted via email.

4. When Sierpc is visited by former residents or their descendants we try to organize a sentimental journey of the old familiar places - homes, specific places, meeting people - including local authorities.

5. All our resources are available to the public - both through the Online Registration System Collection (in Polish), as well as on-site, on the premises of department. Of course, not everything is already included in the directory, so you may want to write to us - we may have just the information that someone is looking for.

6. We offer to make a free copy of family documents, photographs, maps, etc. in electronic / digital - of course connected with the history and land of Sierpc. In return, we expect only to agree to use the copied documents by the department.

7. Analysis of the documents and photographs, we set the boundaries of chronological documentation, we shall identify the persons or buildings in photos.

Translation: Nel Natkański